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A web design service based in Upper Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, UK, working with small to medium sized business that require bespoke web design.


A full turnkey design service package. Web site design, graphics, image manipulation, e commerce, CMS, SEO, domain name and hosting options. We will handle every aspect of your web design.


Continuous, service and support hosting management package* at DalesWebSolutions.
Ever wanted to update your site and then realised you will be charged for it, every time, no matter how small the change?? Not with DalesWebSolutions.

Included in the hosting price with Dales Web Solutions is management of your hosting package. This includes updating** your web site and maintenance / servicing the site to ensure it is kept up to date with new developments and valid coding technologies / protocols.

From time to time you may wish to update or make a small change to your web site, change an image, or add an image, a sentence, a date or a price…
Simply e mail your requirements or if you would rather have the convenience of self editing a Content Management System*** (self-editing facility) is available to you.

*This is an unbeatable offer. Other providers will charge for updating or require a service contract.
**This service is subject to a reasonable usage policy.
***There may be a charge for this facility.
Please read the Hosting terms and conditions page on the web site.
me Hi. I'm Pete Hannaby of DalesWebSolutions. We put you at the heart of the design. Communication with you is of paramount importance in developing your site at every stage to ensure that we achieve the site you want.
The aim is to offer a friendly, personal service at affordable prices but with the quality and standards of a big agency. Personal pride drives me to produce web sites that are a combination of good design using the latest coding protocols.
Advice is free, honest and with no obligation and we don't disappear into the ether once your site goes live.
DalesWebSolutions offers an outstanding hosting management ongoing support package which includes small updates as you require. You need changes, have questions, are starting a new project, need to expand - that's fine. We'll still be here - just a phone call or e mail away. And I answer the phone!
DalesWebSolutions includes basic SEO as part of the web structure. We can set up your Facebook and twitter pages.

The DarkArt of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)??
The driving force! What we strive for...RANKINGS
This is a very extensive area and is of great importance. There are currently over 366 million web sites and every one wants their web site to rank top in a Google search.
Simply put, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and volume of web traffic to a website by employing a series of proven SEO techniques that help a website achieve a higher ranking with the major search engines when certain keywords and phrases are put in the search field. Google it!

The Definition:
It’s about KEYWORDS and LINKS, RELEVANCE and REPUTATION, VISITOR SATISFACTION and POPULARITY... being relevant enough for a query, and being trusted enough to rank for it, ranking for popular keywords, on merit, ORGANIC, popularity based on BACKLINKS to social media.

It is achieved through various means and its scope is far too broad to cover here.
There is a whole industry devoted to doing this and it can be expensive to "buy" your way to the top of the rankings tree.
E commerce is becoming king! Every one is one line "shopping".

DalesWebSolutions offer a range of possibilities and options to get your business on line and SELLING.

From a simple page to sell a few items to a fully functioning on line shop.
DalesWebSolutions can build the shop for you or you may choose to build it yourself...saving money and running it independently. It's up to you.

Visit DalesWebSolutions SiteBuilder e commerce for prices and options.
Initial consultation / advice and basic page design & layout architecture is free.

Prices start from only £199 for a 3 page basic site

The above design costs are approximate and can vary depending upon the amount of photographic and graphical processing / copy insertion etc. required within the design.

Web hosting and domain name costs are not included in the prices.

Web hosting, reliable, UK based 99.99% up time (since 2006) from £80 per year, includes business e mail accounts and our unbeatable, continuous, service and support hosting management package.

Domain names currently on offer: only £10* for 2 years incl. admin. fee. *renewal price £15 for 2 years.

All sites are individually designed with personal tailoring to suit your needs. Search engine optimised (SEO) and submitted to major search engines.


Bespoke web site design tailored to suit your business needs will give you individuality and control over how your business is projected to your prospective customers. View the work portfolio.

Whatever your budget we will create a bespoke design, because your business is as individual as you are. Basic 3 page site design starts from only £199.

A web site is there to sell your business. An online presence is an essential marketing tool. Whilst it should be aesthetically pleasing there are basic attributes that it must contain in order for it to perform this primary function.

A good brochure website should embrace simple, elegant design whilst providing a logical, easy-to-use vehicle for effective promotion of your business. Our web sites offer all the attributes needed to make your website a success, be it traditional or contemporary, designed to current web standard compliance, including SEO.
DalesWebSolutions can provide full design, branding and photography facilities / services for your web site.

Image manipulation and "ready for web" optomistation.

PDF documentation.

Build your own site with our easy to use SiteBuilder Package. Very competitive prices. Set up costs included. Includes many great features. Easy to use drag and drop interface.

E-commerce: build your on line shop at a fraction of the cost!
Includes Professional exchange mail boxes.
wp dp c5

CMS or a content management system allows you to self edit a web site. You can manage the content of the site, adding pages, changing layouts, colours, themes, etc...

There are two ways DalesWebSolutions deploys CMS.

One is by targeted CMS and a WYSIWYG editor. You have control over a designated area on the web site. For example a news box or menu list. This is a very simple method of self editing.

or... DalesWebSolutions can host, install and initialise a range of full CMS systems for you.
Popular systems are Wordpress, Drupal, and Concrete5.

and...the SiteBuilder Package...

Whilst these systems are quite simple to use they will take time and effort to learn how to use them.
elegant design : logical content : easy-to-use
effective promotion : functional

Want to know more about designing a web site??
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A site must be visually appealing, polished and professional. It's representing you, your company, your products and your services. Your website may be the first, and only, impression a potential customer receives of your company. So it must engage the customer by presenting what they are looking for. An attractive site is far more likely to generate a positive impression and keep visitors on your site once they arrive.

Along with appearance and style, your site must have substance and present relevance. Your audience is looking for information that will help them make a decision, so it should be informative and relevant...more information on elements?
Before entering into an agreement of services with DalesWebSolutions please read the General T&C / contract agreement of hosting, web site design and services and Hosting Management T&C through DalesWebSolutions that apply below.

A 12 month contract applies to domain names and hosting purchases.

Proud supporters of The Prince's Countryside Fund

The Prince’s Countryside Fund what is it?

The Prince’s Countryside Fund gives grants to projects that help support the people who care for the countryside.
It is supported by a unique collaboration of businesses working together to secure a sustainable future for British agriculture and the wider rural economy.
DalesWebSolutions web design is proud to support this important rural fund to improve service provision in rural areas, support rural enterprise, support farming businesses, and provide training opportunities for young people and educating people about the value of the countryside. Learn more about The Prince’s Countryside Fund...


Free Gallery

Free Dales Gallery for Local B & B's, Pubs, Hotels & Cottage Web Sites

The main reason for most of our visitors - show off our beautiful Dales to your prospective customers with this free gallery of local images. Comes free with your web site. Take a look at the gallery...


Domain Name Offer

only £10 for two years on domain names

We are offering domain names at only £10* for a two year registration, including admin fees. Contact DalesWebSolutions to register your domain. * renewal price for 2 years £15.


Hosting with DalesWebSolutions

only £80 per annum includes updates*

Web hosting, reliable, UK based 99.99% up time (since 2006) £80 per year, includes business e mail accounts and our unbeatable continuous, service and support hosting management package.
Click here to see details & *Terms of our continuous, service and support hosting management package.



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responsive web design

what is responsive web design?

All web sites are now made responsive. It's a web site that adapts its layout to the size and type of screen it is being viewed on, the view port. Desk top, tablet or mobile device... the site senses the device and adapts its design to suit it.
Usually using flat design - a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes usability. It features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright ui colours and two-dimensional/flat illustrations.



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